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Current Dance Classes available – (last updated 3rd January 2022)

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Mondays – Kimpton Memorial Hall – Adults Dance Fitness – 7pm 

Mondays – St Marys School – Street Dance for Kids Year 2 – 1200 – 1230 – Starts 17th Jan.

Mondays – St Marys School – Street Dance for Kids Year 1 – 1230 – 1300 – Starts 17th Jan.

Mondays – St Michaels – Street Dance for Kids Year Reception to Year 6  – 1530 – 1600 – Starts 10th Jan.

Tuesdays – St Marys School – Street Dance for Kids Reception Year 1230 – 1300 – Starts 18th Jan.

Wednesdays – Kimpton School – Street Dance for Kids Years 3,4,5,6 1200 – 1230 – Starts 12th Jan.

Wednesdays – Kimpton School – Street Dance for Kids Years 1 & 2 1230 – 1300 – Starts 12th Jan.

Wednesdays – Green Wood Park, St.Albans – Adults FitSteps – 9.30am 

Fridays – Park Street – Adults FitSteps – 930am 

How do I book and pay?

Simply click on the “Book Online ” button above which will take you through to the online booking system which is powered by ‘BookWhen’ a widely used online booking system. I use Stripe the online payment platform for credit card payments. Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.

If you are unsure about your ability to join in based on any health challenges or if you have any other questions, then just drop me a line and we can have a chat:

Q- What should I wear on my feet?

A – It’s important that you wear trainers (or similar), not shoes or heels.

Q – What do I wear?

A – Wear whatever you feel comfortable exercising in.  You will get hot and ‘glow’ so bear that in mind.  Most people just wear a t-shirt and some kind of sport/exercise leggings/jogging bottoms.

Q – Do I need to anything?

A – Just a drink, which you are free to drink whenever you want/need to.

Q – I’ve never danced before.  Does that matter?

A – Not at all.  As long as you like the idea of moving to music, you will love it

Q – I’m so unfit, will I be able to do it?

A – Yes definitely.  Everyone has to start somewhere and what better way than with dancing.  You can put as much or little effort in as you choose.  It’s your class.  And then you can watch yourself transform week on week, as you do a little more each time.

Q – How long is the class?

A – 45-60 minutes. I aim to start the class at the published time.

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