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2013 Summer Newsletter

18 Jul

Here is my summer newsletter update – follow the link to see whats going on. zumba newsletter Summer 2013

Zumba Calorie Challenge

17 Apr

I saw this and thought it could be a bit of fun, Zumba now has its own app that allows you to find classes, update the calories burnt and more. Zumba are running a campaign till 30th June that leads to a donation by Zumba to the World Food Programme, its a world wide initiative, so the more classes we attend and the more calories we burn the bigger the donation. 😉 See the article here or download the app from the App Store xx

22nd March – NEW DATE Charity Event

13 Feb

As you all know the snow managed to scupper my original dates for my Charity Event for Starlight, which was a big shame. However we have a NEW date of the 22nd March, so we can make it bigger and better i hope. I look forward to seeing you all there for 99 minutes of Zumba Party fun. Vic x Image

November Newsletter #3

24 Nov

My 2012 November newsletter is now posted for all to see. Theres updates to Christmas classes, some information about January’s Charity event for “Starlight” and some fun Zumba Facts ! I hope you enjoy the read and i look forward to seeing you all Zumba really soon. Vic xx

November Newsletter #3

And here is a link to my Starlight Charity Website for any donations:


Zumba Instructors Convention

26 Oct

This is the official 2012 Zumba Convention video – check it out.  HERE …. V xx


Halloween Fun

23 Oct

We had a fantastic Zumabtomic class yesterday with all the Kids from Knebworth class dressing up in fancy dress for Halloween. It made the class extra special and i know from the smiles on their faces that they had as much fun as i did. A couple of pics to show off some of the lovely outfits. xx

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