Online Learnings

26 Mar

It’s all happened pretty quickly, although today has been a good learning experience. I was very frustrated with how today went until i received some lovely emails, texts & phone calls of support from some of you who attended. SO to you all i am really thankful.

Some things i’ve learnt so far:

  1. Try and dance near to your Wi-Fi router, this helps keep a strong signal.
  2. Ask other members of the house to stay off the internet for this short time while you dance. Zoom uses bandwidth and any connected devices will make the video appear slower.
  3. If you are having a poor connection experience, then turning your video off may help
  4. The video plays better on a larger screen.
  5. If you have to use a mobile phone you can swipe left to see multiple view of people in the class.
  6. I will mute you all before I start the dancing and will unmute you when we break.
  7. Thumbs UP mean you are happy.
  8. Thumbs DOWN mean I need to help you.


Online Classes

24 Mar

Thanks to those who helped me through the technical challenge of taking my work online yesterday. We got there in the end and it was lovely to see your faces again.

From now on all my classes will be able to be booked via the Online Classes Tab at the top or via this link to my booking site.

Book online

Going Online….

23 Mar

This is a challenging time for us all right now and my dance fitness company has had to change overnight and go online. The support I have been given from many of my participants, who i regard as friends, has been not only encouraging but given me the confidence to carry on helping people keep moving.

As of tonight my classes will be available to you online. Tonights class is free, as will be Wednesdays class, so i can iron out any technical issues.

To see what classes are running please click on the Online Classes tab at the top and follow the information onto my booking site to sign up.

Sign up for tonights class here:

Stay safe and keep dancing.





New Booking System

17 Nov

My new online booking system is now available for those that wish to book and pay in advance by either credit card or pay pal. As always payment on the door is still acceptable.

You can get to my new booking page here: or you can go directly to my Book When page here:





Action Videos

12 Jul

Kimpton Ladies

Park Street Ladies


Latest Clubbercise Information

4 Apr

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