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NEW Class – Starts 20th June

13 Jun

I have a new class starting on the 20th June. 7.30pm at Kimpton School, i hope many of you will be able to come along and enjoy the Zumba Party xx

June Newsletter #2

1 Jun

So i finally got round to doing my second newsletter for the site ! Its been a busy but very enjoyable 2012 already for me as an instructor. Please have a read through and leave me any comments and I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

June Newsletter

Who’d have thought getting fit could be fun?

27 Mar

On the way to my first Zumba experience, I made the assumption that my dance skills were probably going to be quite bad. However, I thoroughly proved myself wrong; they weren’t quite bad. They were absolutely awful! Not that this fazed me at all. In fact, lack of ability didn’t seem to faze anyone in that hall, as organiser Vicki Lewis later remarked. “The atmosphere was brilliant! There were so many people in the room, old and new faces, smiling every time a song they knew came on. I’m amazed how generous they were to the cause as well; I’m going to aim for a couple of charity events every year after this.”

Having had a family member and a close friend affected by breast cancer, independent instructor Vicki decided to host a charity Zumba event on 13th January at the Kimpton Memorial Hall in aid of the cause. It raised £830, with 65 people attending. Not that Vicki is a stranger to crowds; her classes in Kimpton, Knebworth, Hitchin and Welwyn Garden City are regularly packed with women of all ages. Every now and then you’ll even see a man.

“It’s a great activity for all fitness levels, and coupled with a healthy diet it can really change your body shape over time. You burn just as many calories as you would in a high impact aerobics class, but in a fun, less serious environment. An enjoyable experience, a body workout and a cardio routine rolled into one; it’s a win-win situation really” says Vicki.

Not that Vicki is merely a preacher of the benefits Zumba can provide; she’s an example of them too. “I took on Zumba as a business after having my second child, and I’ve never felt fitter. It’s been a steep learning curve as this is my first business, but I’ve worked out what gets the best out of myself and everyone in the classes so that we all have a great time; something I never thought I’d say about getting fit!”

With thousands attending classes nationwide and the Wii games selling millions, Zumba has become a fitness phenomenon. If you are curious what all the fuss is about, then take Vicki’s advice and go along for a few classes whenever you get the chance. Getting fit is rarely so much fun; as Vicki said, “it beats going for a run!”

Vicki’s website is http://www.zumbawithvic.com  – Written by Aidan Phillips for Kimpton Parish Magazine

5 ways to burn more calories

8 Feb

An interesting article i read and i do believe its true !! Click here to read it and see some of the comments from other Zumba instructors.

Breast Cancer Write Up

3 Feb

The article below was in the Hitchin Comet after our very successful charity event at the Memorial Hall in Kimpton. Thanks to everyone that took part and donated to such a great cause.

Hello world!

16 Aug

Hi, I have a Latin-dance background, dancing Salsa for over 14 years. I went to my first Zumba class and fell in love with the music, dancing and atmosphere. I was hooked and completed my Zumba license in March 2011.

Since then I now have the licence to teach Zumba Gold and Zumbatomic.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss prices, class locations or any other questions you may have.

Look forward to seeing you, Vicki xx

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